Choose your escape, each with its own challenges and diabolical connundrums!
Get your team together and get your thinking caps on!


Its now post cold war, but you and your fellow foreign agents have infiltrated a safehouse that has been used by a Soviet agent. Objects, some from the past and some more current seem to paint a picture of occupation. You will need to use all your wits and counter espionage skills if you are to discover the secret missile codes and save civilisation as we know it. Time is running out........


Players : 2-6

Price : $ 29/ person




Emily has just awoken from a long and peaceful slumber. She Has no idea where she is or what she is doing here.
Its a pleasant enough place, but she doesn't remember how she got here or how she can get out, if that is at all a possibility.
She has faint recollections from a previous life which seems like someone else's from a time long, long ago. The memories are fading quick and she has minutes to escape before it all fades away.....

Players : 4-10

Price : $ 29/ person

A warm sunny day in modern england has deemed it a perfect time to pay respect to your long lost friend. Picking up a fresh bunch of flowers, you head over to the graveyard only to be knocked out by a sudden blow to the back of your head.........slowly opening your eyes you wonder what that strange smell is and where you slowly realise that you spent the last few unconscious hours in a crypt.
Direct bookings only.

Mr and Mrs Czensa were married for 40 years. Suffering from a rare form of a terminal illness Mrs Czensa was near her end. 


While working late into the night, a local chemist, Dr Amrex discovered Cyclacryptozine. An intravenous drug that could change the nature of  all illnesses forever. After relentless years of research, he had found his answer to wealth. He decided to sell Cyclacryptozine at a price that was payable only by the very elite.


When Mr. Czensa got news of the drug, he knew he would go to any length to save the life of his beloved wife.


Coming to realize that he only ever had a 45 minute window to get the Cyclacryptozine, it was now or never. He was going to save her life and it's worth the risk!

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